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What is a Full-Service Integrator and What Do We Do?


The simple answer is we custom build and configure solutions specifically for your customer needs. This means adding imaging, custom packaging, and software loads all in one centralized location

Traditional Distribution Model


  • Only keep off the shelf solutions

  • Customization usually requires a long lead time (4+ weeks- who can wait this long?)

  • Doesn’t allow for the integration of different manufacturers in the same solution

  • Slow to respond to customer needs and fluctuations in market demand and supply


Wired Model


  • Only stock configurable models of the highest run rate IT hardware

  • Rapid turnaround- 3-4 days for full configurations

  • Plug and play- no hassle with installation or updates

  • Flexibility- we tailor any product to the customer’s needs, not the manufacturer's wishes

  • Wired aggregates buying power to give you economies of scale

Need more details? Contact us

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